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Voting system

Discussion in 'Game Guides' started by [Tech]Jiren, Jan 5, 2018.

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  1. [Tech]Jiren

    [Tech]Jiren Administrator Staff Member

    Archon registration
    1. Registration costs 10k and requires that the character to be 6+ days old and has a 10k status points
    2. Registration is available until 10 pm Saturday

    Voting for archons

    1. You can vote until 10 pm on Sundays (due to the time difference between the players)
    2. 65,000,000+ points of attack or defense for the last 8 days (only in PVP) needed
    3. 10,000 cpt points required
    4. Level 50 required
    5. 6+ days old character required
    6. Attack or defense points can be seen here at the forums on your profile at character tab. Guide posted below.
    Right side archons assignment

    1. Right side archons can be changed 2 times a week from the moment of vote end and until the moment of closing registration to the patriarchs for the next election, that is, until Saturday until 17:00 GMT +3!
    2. He who at least once this week was a archon and was removed two times to occupy any position of an officer will not be able to!

    If you get registered as an archon, but nobody voted for you, then you will NOT pass into the archons automatically even if there is free space!
    1. The race leader does not register himself automatically!
    2. The vote power depends on the number of Status Pts. of the character!
    3. Results are shown immediately after the end of the evening CW, and not to close the voting, but the archons on Monday!
    4. Archons do not stand in the hierarchy!
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  2. [GM]Arcas

    [GM]Arcas Game Master Staff Member

    Where can we see our Attack or Defense point status?

    1. On your profile, select "Characters"

    2. Click the name of your desired character.
    3. You'll see your status here:

    in able to vote your CPT must be atleast 10,000 and your Consumed Damage should at least 65,000,000 for the last 8 days
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