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Discussion in 'Introduction' started by mostwanted, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. mostwanted

    mostwanted New Member

    do you really tolerate stealing/griefing of PB spots?

    well for the sake of discussion, lets say guild A is doing PB with towers set up and attacking the boss. and then all of a sudden here comes player B destroying the towers. spot is stolen.

    well you can tell me that its strategy and its part of the game. but come to think of it, accumulation of power will be one-sided. and in case you haven't noticed it yet, top guilds from each race have the same common denominator.
  2. mostwanted

    mostwanted New Member

    and oh by the way, if you ask me for a suggestion on whats fair:

    if PB is up as well as the towers, spot is taken. destroying of such towers are grounds for a ban.
  3. TheObserver

    TheObserver New Member

    do your consuls wont butt in?
  4. [Tech]Jiren

    [Tech]Jiren Administrator Staff Member

    That's normal sir in all RF Online.
    Where you can see A RULE about stealing PB is not allowed? show me please.
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  5. jpbeldia

    jpbeldia New Member VIP

    Sir How about CW..? Immortals Guild PK....
  6. mostwanted

    mostwanted New Member

    i dont know but this Mr. Tough Guy Jiren really sounds condescending.

    i've list down my points constructively and Mr. TG gives you a very unprofessional response.

    CC: All MODS/GMS
  7. mostwanted

    mostwanted New Member

    I've always thought that the key to all online games/servers for that matter is building a community.

    and heck I've seen servers close down - all because the community has no voice.

    which can easily be traced to one root cause - MONEY TALKS.
  8. mostwanted

    mostwanted New Member

    and if you really wanted to point out the obvious, let me quote what you've written under the rules and regulations of this server:

    "The rules are not limited to this list. Please be sure to use common sense above all when playing in our servers here in PlayCrush Online."

    i think its pretty much "common sense" that improper gaming etiquette is not tolerable.
  9. TheObserver

    TheObserver New Member

    Try to survived the game .. its the world of MMORPG
  10. [Tech]Jiren

    [Tech]Jiren Administrator Staff Member


    Even Official and Retail RF allowed using of Chaos Potions and Stealing of PB :D
    Russian Official
    EU Official
    They don't care if you want to use CHAOS or STEAL PB or MOBS
  11. mostwanted

    mostwanted New Member

    Ok mr. Bigshot. hope it made your day brighter and your ego a little bit bigger.
  12. [Tech]Jiren

    [Tech]Jiren Administrator Staff Member

    this is not ego sir im just saying.
  13. mostwanted

    mostwanted New Member

    well from my understanding, chaos potion is NOT ALLOWED. But Kill stealing a boss is ALLOWED.


    Player A has towers setup and is currently in DPS with the PB.

    if player B wants to "kill steal":

    he CAN out-DPS the towerist to get the loots;

    but CANNOT use chaos potion to destroy the tower and kill Player A

    *see kill-stealing and griefing.

    well of course that is from My understanding and you can easily refute it by how you read it.
  14. mostwanted

    mostwanted New Member

    Photo is from same source as Playpark.
  15. mostwanted

    mostwanted New Member

    but im straying away from the main point of this thread:

    if we go on with this so-called ruling:

    players who got a head start and better equipments, will get stronger;

    Lowbies will just be abused. will get lazy and will eventually quit the game.
  16. mostwanted

    mostwanted New Member

    also i'd like to hear what other GM/MODS think about it,

    coz im pretty sure Philippine gamestyle is different from Russian gamestyle

    I can quote one GM saying that here on forums
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  17. TheObserver

    TheObserver New Member

    play chess sir if you cant survived the game playstyle.
  18. mostwanted

    mostwanted New Member

    imagine i was playing chess, and some random person purposely slammed the chess board each time i setup the pieces, do you think id still enjoy playing it?
    victor1996 likes this.
  19. ReisseJX

    ReisseJX New Member VIP

    Ok. Just calm down, lets just discuss this, no need to get all heated up. Chaos potion is there for a reason. Probably to let off some steam and solve same racial issues. But its not easily obtainable, right? PB camping also seems unfair and chaos potion comes in handy. While its true that some guilds abuse their power, imo, gms should not meddle specially when its part of the game design.the ingame community should be able to do something about this.

    Now op has some point on the accumulation of power of one guild. While its good for the race, the gap between them and weaker guilds will grow bigger. Im for other guilds having a fair chance to progress. how about give each guild pb summoning scroll (way to summon pb), but should be limited and has expiration. :)

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