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The Big Event "Sandbox"

Discussion in 'Promotional' started by [GM]Arcas, Feb 8, 2018.

  1. [GM]Arcas

    [GM]Arcas Game Master Staff Member

    Dear Players!

    For more than two weeks now, maybe some of you are having difficulties on our server. Not because of server capacity and/or difficult to enter, but there are number of reasons:

    1. Location of highbies and lowbies cross paths. One needs to farm, and the other needs to level up!
    2. Inability to get the minimum equipment / items.
    3. Constant deaths from bullies and highbies.

    Now, your weekends just got better! For new players at least.
    Every weekend A new server will be opened. “Sandbox”

    The server will be up and working from Friday to Sunday only! (WEEKLY)
    Friday 3 PM until Monday 05:00 AM.

    Sandbox is WEEKLY!
    First Sandbox: -DONE
    Start Date: 2/16 - End Date: 2/19 "First 50 Event with Cerberus Keyboard"

    Second Sandbox:
    Start Date: 2/23 - End Date: 2/25 X12 RATES!
    3rd Sandbox:
    Start Date: 3/2 - End Date: 3/5

    and so on...

    Any beginner can start to the new server. Calmly and confidently level up his character to level 50, and get the minimum equipment.

    This is for the beginners. Please be informed, 2 days, after the server "sandbox server" will close, All characters from the "sandbox" will be transferred to the main server in the "deleted" mode with the possibility of free recovery. (except bank & mail).


    After ng SANDBOX lahat ng characters from sandbox is ma transfer sa MAIN Server (dapat may slot ka sa character creation) may lalabas na panel (recovery mode)

    click mo yung character mo na from sandbox server and choose restore para ma transfer sa main server.

    There will be:
    • NO CW (Chip War)
    • NO OC (Outcast Land Map)
    • NO PB'S (Pitbosses)
    • FREE PS (Premium Service) FOR ALL – Sandbox (X10)
    • SAME DROP and PT Rates



    Q: Can I donate / buy a shop item in the sandbox?
    A: Yes, the account is shared for both servers, which means premium in the sandbox = premium on International [x5].

    Q: Tell me, if I already have a character on the main server, but there is no way to improve it any more, everywhere highbies, on Ether, in VC ... Can this character go into the sandbox or need to create new one there?
    A: On the server "sandbox" all start with 0. If it was possible to transfer the character, then from the sandbox there would be NO SENSE.

    Q: Can I create the character on an existing account or will I need to create a new account?
    A: The character can be created on an existing account. After the "sandbox" event it will be transferred to the main server! This is WEEKLY!

    Here's a cycle representation:


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    Last edited: Feb 23, 2018
  2. noyki86

    noyki86 New Member VIP

    Will force chars still need to pt force buffs/skills? what are the rates?
  3. [Tech]Jiren

    [Tech]Jiren Administrator Staff Member

    same rates
  4. Sai

    Sai Member

    After level 50 automatic transfer na ung character? so wala chance maka PT or meron?
    hindi ba kaya hanggang 55 HAHAHA all item will be transfer?
  5. stANGAS1

    stANGAS1 New Member

    It is impossible to reach level 55 in 2 days lol
  6. pete2

    pete2 New Member

    how to register this? can we use our registered main account to play this? then after the event, is the character will be merge to our main account on main server?
  7. [GM]Arcas

    [GM]Arcas Game Master Staff Member

    You can register the same way you did before. Also, you can use your account from the main server. Yes it will be merge to the main server after the event.
  8. [GM]Arcas

    [GM]Arcas Game Master Staff Member

    It will be transferred AFTER THE EVENT. PT grinding is up to you.
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2018
  9. steven

    steven New Member VIP

    Clarrification about this event sir..the character that we will be making will be transferred directly to the main server every after sandbox?(sandbox1,sandbox2 etc)or after the sandbox event which is sandbox 3?just a thought coz if the first sandbox i wont be able to get 50..then i would like to continue it on the next sandbox event which is from 1 to 2..tnx
  10. [GM]Arcas

    [GM]Arcas Game Master Staff Member

    transfer will be every after sandbox. So if you reach level 45 on sandbox 1. it will be transferred to the main server. and on sandbox 2, there will be NO CHARS again. (back to zero)
  11. TheObserver

    TheObserver New Member

    count me in! This event is really unique and good for newbies to catch up.

    No bullies and raiding . a really good one to start up
  12. japz72314

    japz72314 New Member

    this will be a great help to be addicted :)
  13. Skie

    Skie New Member VIP

    GM can you please specify the exact time the server opens on friday and closes on monday. I think i saw it on facebook once and cant remember what was posted there. and on this forum post, nothing about the time is indicated. This is so can be guided accordingly. thanks sir. More power
  14. [GM]Arcas

    [GM]Arcas Game Master Staff Member

    The server will be up and working from Friday to Sunday only! (WEEKLY)
    Friday 3 PM until Monday 05:00 AM.

    try to read again. It was part of the post ;)
  15. Skie

    Skie New Member VIP

    my bad. it happens because lack of sleep. thanks GM
    [GM]Arcas likes this.
  16. raigeki06

    raigeki06 New Member

    Sir can you open the crag mine map so that we can atleast +1 ores from the lazuardians.. we still need to uograde our gears to make our PL faster...
  17. [Tech]Jiren

    [Tech]Jiren Administrator Staff Member

    no sir.
  18. raigeki06

    raigeki06 New Member

    Then where will we get tge the talics and gems to upgrade our gears?? How to PL fast if we cant ups our gears even with to elemental affinities..
  19. [Tech]Jiren

    [Tech]Jiren Administrator Staff Member

    sandbox is for LEVELING ONLY not Farming.
  20. amidamaru45

    amidamaru45 New Member

    admin staff what i register in forum my account ingame/launcher ?

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