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Rate & Features

Discussion in 'Server Information' started by [Tech]Jiren, Jan 4, 2018.

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  1. [Tech]Jiren

    [Tech]Jiren Administrator Staff Member

    • Exp x5 (x7 premium)
    • PT/Skills x10 (x12 premium)
    • Force x15 (x8)
    • Drop rate x3
    • Autoloot for premium >> Guides
    • Mining rate x5 (x7)
    • Free Premium for 3 days

    • Max level 55
    • Server protection - Cerberus
    • CW TIME & SERVER TIME GMT+8 (5am, 1pm and 9pm)
    • Free Returnees Weapons
    • New Additional Leveling Spot Elan & BM.
    • Improved Voting System Module for Race Leaders Damage points needed.
    • Cross Class is Available, Balanced No more damage bugs.
    • Static Time PB re-spawn time module.
    • Automated events module in-game.
    • Battle Dungeon enabled.
    • Change Based Class Potions.
    • Multi-Login is allowed
    • Map Quest Navigator and Tab Targeting System.

    Server & Network System:
    • CDN System for minimal ping
    • Automated VPN Routing for minimal ping and improve game play
    • 12 Server Connection Proxy in different Providers & Countries for Smooth Game Play.

    Drop changes:
    • Elan PB, 3 Bro's, BM PB , Thor & Izen added PB boxes
    • Increase drop rate for Inventer's Accessories Box
    • +1 ore from lazuardians Crag Mine
    • +2 ore from sette guard portal
    • Changed reward from dark hole old box(HDH BD) Image: http://bit.ly/2CmUnbo
    • From monsters lvl 45 dropped Armor and Weapon N,A,B
    • Force reavers drop from turncoats in sette desert increased
    • Changed drop from Rare Ore box >> Boxes
    Mob, Item and Character Info Panel >> LINK

    • Craft is enabled for all classes. Type B success craft chance is increased Spec has the highest chances other class low only.
    • Best heal potions you can obtain in HQ is 2'000hp potion
    • You can loot while you are in MAU. No EXP can be obtained while you are in MAU
    • Only 50lvl archon armor can be obtained from hero in HQ. Other archon armor removed
    • Chaos potions removed from hero, can be obtained from rare ore boxes
    • Class can be redefined two times from the hero
    • Only burst, protect and aggressive generators available
    • Runes available from lvl 51 Available runes: destraction rune, Swift rune, convert rune
    • Mining tool available from 45lvl
    • Talic + catalyst combination removed
    • Type N armor available in HQ NPC's
    • Siege kits available from Rare tool NPC
    • Elan Plateau scroll, Beast's mountain scroll, outcast's land scroll, black sparking and soul flame stones available from foreign vendor in HQ
    • All ammo's have beam cell ammo base damage
    • Burst, protect and aggressive generators available from foreign vendor in HQ
    • Amulets and rings of middle class available from foreign vendor in HQ
    • Now only 10 large empty box needed to get recycle box
    • All clones mobs removed in HQ
    • Quest Simplified Level 1-30 only
    • Unseal Quest Simplified
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