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PT bug - can't get Elite Skills

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Aleq, Feb 18, 2018.

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  1. Aleq

    Aleq New Member


    I've notice that ever since I GM'd my skills they are no longer gaining XP.
    I got 41 basic skill since I was level 35 and it has not progressed. I'm now level 37 and my expert skills have caught up and it's also not progressing unless I Aiming shot as Multi shot has been GM'd.
    Checking further on the bug reports, this is a common occurrence for rangers and some cases specs, range skills.

    Can you please help fix ASAP?
    More power.

    IGN: Queen
    Server: on sandbox as of this writing

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  2. Aleq

    Aleq New Member

    I'm now lvl 40 and have moved to the main server and my basic range PT is stuck at 43/65 T__T
    IGN Qin
    Help please.
  3. [Tech]Jiren

    [Tech]Jiren Administrator Staff Member

  4. celsotcm

    celsotcm New Member

    I have the same problem.
  5. Ekko

    Ekko Member

    our admins are currently working on this one
  6. komunate

    komunate New Member

    your PT skill., must 50 both basic and expert
  7. [MOD]Blast

    [MOD]Blast Moderator Staff Member

    50 basic 50 expert.

    if attack skills will be GM then the only way to increase your PT is you buffs PT.
  8. guyabano17

    guyabano17 New Member

    wouldn't it be unfair for those who got 3 - 5 active skills? they won't rely on a buff basis to get a 50/50 basic / expert for elite skills to pop up.

    IGN - 50Caliber
  9. [MOD]Blast

    [MOD]Blast Moderator Staff Member

    basic = 1 skill 2 buffs
    same for the 3 races
  10. guyabano17

    guyabano17 New Member

    I was referring to melee classes and mage classes
    melee = 3 active skills , 1-3 buff skill (they got purge though).
    mage = 3-5 active skill (depends on their element that they are using) , 2-4 buff skill
    they would get elite before they got 40, and yes they can!
  11. [MOD]Blast

    [MOD]Blast Moderator Staff Member

    there's nothing we can do about it sir, ever since the game have started it is always like this.

    so its up to you on what would be the best class for you.
  12. guyabano17

    guyabano17 New Member

    LMAO, i have tried logging out and after i logged in, it was PTing for just once and afterwards it doesn't go up again, i have tried doing the same time, this is really bugged fyi, GM skill PTs will always gain PT, look for reference like RF Redfox and some official servers etc. i can give you some screenshots if you like LOL
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2018
  13. [MOD]Blast

    [MOD]Blast Moderator Staff Member

    i dont need your references and upload a proper screenshot of your concern. anyway im closing this thread since you were not the ones who made this thread.

    post a new one with screenshot of your concern.
  14. guyabano17

    guyabano17 New Member

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