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Patch Notes 2/8

Discussion in 'NEWS' started by [Tech]Jiren, Feb 8, 2018.

  1. [Tech]Jiren

    [Tech]Jiren Administrator Staff Member

    1. PvP gain by wanted characters allowed with not the same race.
    2. wanter characters can attack by animuses.
    3. add detaled logging for autoloot to find bug without server restart.
    4. less distance between pvp users to max 5 levels to get PVP points.
    5. Set additional system towers.
    6. decrease hp of chip's.
    More Improvements and fixes to be apply soon.
  2. oasis

    oasis New Member

    hello sir, why i can't get the dallant from my item sold on auction service??? this the second time happen! pls help me fix this
  3. Bards1

    Bards1 New Member VIP

    a suggestion sir.. wanted char cannot use chaos potion.. some people became wanted because they abuse their level and kill low level char,
    Bennette likes this.

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