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OneWay Guild *GRIEFING*

Discussion in 'Game Discussions' started by ZERO, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. ZERO

    ZERO New Member

    Is this how the way they play? We Stigmatized are playing with respect on other Players until this idiots come and disturb our PB hunting, We come first on Lizard Khan spot, Chaos and BloodEmpire checked and saw us there, they just go away and find another PB then this, trash guild comes and wipe us while we do our PB. This is not part of a game process, GRIEFING needs punishment specially when we didn't even do anything bad on them. Like on other games, CSGO and DotA2 they punish players who grief other players. If this guild won't stop on doing this kind of shits. Don't expect our guild to stay on this very nice RF ruined by this very idiot players.

  2. keith08

    keith08 New Member VIP

  3. aprilgalea1

    aprilgalea1 New Member VIP

    this is true. griefing must be punishable if not i will encourage the guild to leave playcrush.
  4. Lore

    Lore New Member VIP


    They disrupted us for no reason AT ALL
  5. Sai

    Sai Member

  6. aprilgalea1

    aprilgalea1 New Member VIP

    up for this.
  7. Martin

    Martin Administrator Staff Member

    I will talk to russian GMs and we try to find the compromise. The problem not in Russian GMs or admins, but in Russian players (comunity), who LIKE noob hunting, griefing and stealing the reward or PB. If we just disallow this type of game - we will loose 60-70% of our online, and this is not good
    noyki86 likes this.
  8. ZERO

    ZERO New Member

    Nah it's fine, let them do what ever they want, we are just a small portion of your server, if we quit it won't affect your server at all. Thanks anyways, we're done with their attitude.
  9. [Tech]Jiren

    [Tech]Jiren Administrator Staff Member

    Different Countries have Different Game play.
  10. pete

    pete New Member

  11. [Tech]Jiren

    [Tech]Jiren Administrator Staff Member

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