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Maintenance [3-7-2018]

Discussion in 'NEWS' started by [GM]Arcas, Mar 6, 2018.

  1. [GM]Arcas

    [GM]Arcas Game Master Staff Member

    Greetings Crushers!

    We will be having an Indefinite Maintenance on Wednesday (3-7-2018) starting at 6AM (GMT+8). We will be announcing when our MT is done.

    Patch Notes:

    Development and tests are completed! All errors found/reported on OBT are now eliminated and fixed.

    Updates & Changes:
    • Finished transfer to a new client (Server side)
    • Additional features fixed.
      • Auto target (TAB System) feature.
      • Map Quest Navigator
    • Fixed some minor texture/Graphical errors.
    • Race Debuff “Stigma of Disgrace” effect is reduced to:
      • 3% (Level 1)
      • 6% (Level 2)
      • 9% (Level 3)
    • Respawn change of “3D-Bros PB” (Dagon, Dagan & Dagnue) will be spawned once every Saturday(10PM) and Sunday(2AM) only. --GMT+8
    • Increase of minimum level requirement on using mining tool is now set to Level 50.
    • Fix respawn of second Blink PB.
    • Removed Death Messages of HQ and Outposts PB’s
    • Increased Max limit of Guild Rooms for each Race.
    Chip War mechanics change: (BETA TESTING)
    • When Chip is down to 10% HP and less, it can be attacked by its own race.
    • If the chip is owned(destroyed) by its OWN RACE, then:
      • That Race will receive their own standard loot from the chip, also having the only right to loot from their chip.
      • No Halo Stone Keeper will spawn, and ores will not be available until the next Chip war. (Same as when HSK is killed)
      • No Guild buff for the guild of the last hitter.
    • If the Chip is destroyed by enemy race – no change, default chip war.
    Last edited: Mar 6, 2018
  2. juventini1

    juventini1 New Member VIP

    Can u explain about tab system?
  3. [GM]Arcas

    [GM]Arcas Game Master Staff Member

    Using TAB to select the NEAREST target. Works with Mobs and Characters (yes, even same race)

    Character-based selection (Keyboard mode)
    Mouse-based selection (mouse mode)

    Monster, bellato, cora, accretia. (Select which you want to be TAB targeted)

    Be advised that this will be applied after the maintenance. Thank you
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  4. danton1

    danton1 New Member VIP

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  5. concise999

    concise999 New Member

    me too Cant Log in T_T
  6. [Tech]Jiren

    [Tech]Jiren Administrator Staff Member

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  7. [Tech]Jiren

    [Tech]Jiren Administrator Staff Member

    I can login using PLAYCRUSHGAMING.exe
  8. ZionXT

    ZionXT New Member VIP

    Lang Pack File Error i cant log in
  9. juventini1

    juventini1 New Member VIP

    cant use wasd keyboard after this patch, using the link patch of wasd keyboard still no effect. someone can help me ?
  10. [GM]Arcas

    [GM]Arcas Game Master Staff Member

    For now try this:
    • Be sure you're patched up to the latest, then
    • open your launcher
    • open settings
    • uncheck auto-update
    • exit launcher
    • repatch the KEYBOARD WASD
    • reopen launcher
    • login
  11. [GM]Arcas

    [GM]Arcas Game Master Staff Member

    make sure you're using our client. and latest patch. thank you
  12. juventini1

    juventini1 New Member VIP

    nah, thanks a lot, its working XD
  13. knightfall

    knightfall New Member

    Is the maintenance done? When i open my launcher it just says

    "Download the latest version of the launcher"

    Shouldn't it auto-update?

    If not, where is the link to download the "latest version of the launcher"

    Thank you.
  14. [GM]Arcas

    [GM]Arcas Game Master Staff Member

    it doesn't autopatch. here's the link: https://int.playcrush.net/threads/full-client-patch.5/
  15. knightfall

    knightfall New Member

  16. [Tech]Jiren

    [Tech]Jiren Administrator Staff Member

    you need to download the manual patch.
  17. knightfall

    knightfall New Member

    I just waited for the launcher to autoupdate itself and it did. No need to manually download.

    It's okay now, thanks anyway :)
  18. Kuroro

    Kuroro New Member

    Can't figure out why the auto target (TAB) is not working. I checked my KeyMap files in the en-ph folder and the "AUTO_TARGET = TAB" command is there in the [COMBAT] portion so its supposed to work.

  19. [GM]Arcas

    [GM]Arcas Game Master Staff Member

    here's an updated WASD keyboard patch with Tab Targeting

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