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Discussion in 'Cora' started by gregglvn, Feb 7, 2018.

  1. gregglvn

    gregglvn New Member VIP

    APPLY NA SA " Oplan Tokhang "

    Mga bisaya lang pre hehehe
  2. pihing

    pihing New Member VIP

    kinsay GL?
  3. nemrad

    nemrad New Member

    puno na ni inyong guild?
  4. taongsisiw

    taongsisiw New Member

    active pamo mga angkol? apil ko guild
  5. bawal30

    bawal30 New Member

    looking Guild pinoy my guild room n my tower TY. IGN WAgAKoPwe
  6. gregglvn

    gregglvn New Member VIP

    Apply lang mo sa gusto. E-pm lang si CheckMate. Active mi permi

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