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How to search Monsters, Items and Characters

Discussion in 'Technical Guides' started by [GM]Prius, Feb 25, 2018.

  1. [GM]Prius

    [GM]Prius Game Master Staff Member

    Simply click Monsters, Items & Characters Info Panel


    What is PlayCrush Knowledge Base?
    • PlayCrush Knowledge Base is a feature of PlayCrush Gaming where you can search for Monsters, Items, and Characters.
    • When you search for monster it will give all of the information of the monster such as Type, Level, Attack, Defense, Accuracy, Dodge, Health, and Elements (Fire, Water, Earth, Wind).
    • When you search for item it will give all of the information of the item such as Type, Race, Grade, Level, PT Level, Defense, Ability, Sell, Trade, Drop, Bank and Where it can get from.
    • When you search for character it will give all of the information of the character such as Name, Race, Class Level, Guild and Wear on's.

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