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got Bullied

Discussion in 'Belato' started by HurujuriDan, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. HurujuriDan

    HurujuriDan New Member

    Dear Admin,

    i would like to report this guy due to his action i was doing my quest and he get all the mobs and i said if i ask one he do some Trashbuff i hope u take action on this one i just recently played this server and this what i get... he ign is KingofPain from Retribution guild

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  2. TheObserver

    TheObserver New Member

    the survival of fetish..

    Seems its an ingame issue. RL/ Consuls will deal with him

    Await sandbox event and we will live there with peace and harmony.
  3. HurujuriDan

    HurujuriDan New Member

    i spoke any council about this but they are seem not interested T_T
  4. DonQuixote

    DonQuixote New Member VIP

    Oh, i know this dude

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