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Critical Error (Animus unsummoning)

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Bards1, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. Bards1

    Bards1 New Member VIP

    having critical error everytime my animus is unsummoned when im walking.. either by clicking the animus or its too far from caster. dont know if the reason is by walking using the wasd keyboard or even walking using mouse will also deal the critical
  2. [Tech]Jiren

    [Tech]Jiren Administrator Staff Member

    use our full client.
  3. TheObserver

    TheObserver New Member

    Tip of advice:

    Drag your summon command(recall) into you, once you start moving.
  4. Bards1

    Bards1 New Member VIP

    its the full client sir, also i think theres some conflict with the aswd and the unsummoning.. since theres no crit error while using mouse
  5. [Tech]Jiren

    [Tech]Jiren Administrator Staff Member

    please have a full client without corrupted files.
  6. [MOD]Blast

    [MOD]Blast Moderator Staff Member

    it's been a long time issue that even CCR could not fix. To avoid this, simply unsummon if you move or use the animus command on your upper left.

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