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animus keys

Discussion in 'Cora' started by mackywtf, Mar 5, 2018.

  1. mackywtf

    mackywtf New Member


    how do you change animus move and attack command keys because , and / is just too far. pls help.
  2. [GM]Prius

    [GM]Prius Game Master Staff Member

    It cant change.
  3. [GM]Ekko

    [GM]Ekko Game Master Staff Member


    open properties. look for keymap nkm

    edit the letters or special characters. however the downside of this everytime the server updates u need to edit the keymap again
  4. [GM]Ekko

    [GM]Ekko Game Master Staff Member

    because auto update will fix everything that u edited
  5. [MOD]Blast

    [MOD]Blast Moderator Staff Member

    You may uncheck the auto update option but won't keep you client updated though.

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